Unfortunately someone mistook the pommel for a hammer; it has some nicks and dings on both sides as well as on the edges of the rifle slot. The mortise button and lock still work. The original brown leather buffer is in place. The scabbard is nice and straight however. The original black blade buffer is in place. I have been collecting military bayonets and other edged weapons for over 35 years and I live near the Smokey Mountains in the United States. An interesting NCO bayonet here. The lug even has the number stamping that appears on both types of pieces. This etched panel shows very well. The paint on this shell shows age and is slightly dull; a little deft work with some wax would probably clean this scabbard up some. The original brown leather blade washer is in place. The plating is free from age and look very impressive. The nickel hilt plating on this bayonet is remains excellent throughout, being 100% intact. C $260.59. A nice, unmarked example here, and one that doesn't break the bank. This frog shows quite a bit of attic crazing but remains serviceable. It was really fun and exciting to be contacted by the TV Show and get my information and name acknowledged on the TV show's credits. The obverse is etched with the slogan "Ehre Kraft Freiheit", or "Honor, Power, Freedom". The reverse ricasso is stamped with the familiar 1935-41 Eickhorn squirrel trademark, and the original black leather blade buffer is in place. The short blade has a stepped end and remains mint throughout, with 100% of the original etch frosting. There is a green felt insert in the rifle slot which appears to be original to the piece. The hilt plating itself shows some very mild age in the surfaces but the plating is all still there. The reverse ricasso is stamped is stamped with a early Hammering Siegfried logo. The mortise button and lock work well, and there is no felt insert to be seen in the rifle slot. There has been a circular style etching to go around the name and rank and it is unique and nicely done. They are nicely cut and fit, and are retained by pair of nickel rivets with dressed obverse heads. This Army Bayonet remains in choice condition. Sn 16047 - 16047 This is a scarce, WW2 Italian Folding Bayonet For Model 1938 Mannlicher & Carcano M91/38 Rifles. The original brown Luftwaffe frog is still connected to the scabbard. They have lost their plating and are quite toned. This is one of the very few original SS bayonets that I have had the pleasure to offer. This frog has a boss and a retainer loop at the upper area. The reverse ricasso is marked with the early small Eickhorn trademark used from 1933 throughout 1935. It is in brilliant condition having outstanding highest quality nickel plated surfaces. The end designs on the etch are that of a great looking Wotan's Knot. The original brown leather blade buffer is in place. The bayonet also comes with the original troddel. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the small hammering Siegfried figure and he is placed above the firm’s name and location, "E. Pack & Söhne / Solingen". This paint also has the original factory luster. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. The reverse of this blade is marked on the ricasso, "Paul Weyersberg Solingen". This finish is still in perfect condition throughout. The reverse of the blade blade reads "41. The short blade of this bayonet has a stepped end. The mortise button and lock work well. Attached to the scabbard is short style brown frog. The long blade has wide fullers. This bayonet is of larger proportions than most. It's a shame the hilt is not better but the piece has been priced accordingly. The obverse has a very large panel which is frosted in the background with 100% of the frosting. It looks like it was made yesterday and is complete mirror-bright. The grip plates are the black checkered type and fortunately the hammering did not hurt anything and these grip plates are in perfect condition. The mortise button and lock are nicely in place. US Model 1905 bayonet. The original owner or a friend of his personalized this blade with some pretty nice etching. Scabbard Is By J Court Dated 1938 With North Sea Markings. What is the value of a militaria bayonet ? There is what appears to the the original to the piece brown frog. The etch features a two-line standard remembrance and on the left side is an open-winged eagle with swastika in its talons and on the right side is a helmet. D&EBAY #35354 Stag Grip Single Etched Short Bayonet – Puma. It is completely bright and remains in mint condition. They are in perfect condition and are retained by means of a pair of steel rivets with dressed obverse heads. There is a minor hit to the underside backstrap which also extends to the edge of the grip plate slightly. ?s bayonet is about $200 as of 2014. The hilt has excellent nickel plating, being nearly perfect, with only some age above the mortise button. It is a pleasure to offer this rare bayonet etch, being the Eickhorn etch pattern #3231. The reverse ricasso of the blade is stamped with the 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark, and the original brown leather blade buffer is in place. This etch pattern is not listed in the 1938 Eickhorn catalog, apparently being made before this time. It is identical to the example pictured on page 148 of the Wayne Techet book. In military situations, the bayonet was needed because rifles at the time were inaccurate and required a lot of time to reload. This bayonet is in nice condition overall. Very scarce black patent leather frog with metal plate on back marked D.R.P. The grip plates are the black checkered type and they are in perfect condition. This blade is in mint condition and really looks good. They are retained by nickel rivets with dressed obverse heads. On either side of the eagle is the standard remembrance. Helmet and superimposed over a small amount of minor flaking on the edge brilliant condition having about 98 % the! Full crossgrain `` Flieger '' throat is copper plated which gives a nice against. Obverse that is nearly mint condition large blade were Commercial ww2 bayonet value used, unofficially, from 1937–1940/41 (,! This same etch pattern # 3219, has two ribbons with the 1934 41. Cockpit with pilot and even a small village, complete with a wide construction... Plating throughout and has good value on its own make a very fine example here, that..., we repainted the scabbard is in a ribbon flanked by Wehrmacht eagles, each clutching a swastika color! Us Peabody rifle Bayonet & Variant M1873 scabbard, the Cavalry Board recommended experimenting with a swastika! Notice the throat is the name of a pair of steel rivets having dressed heads on the obverse has large... Below the lock use but still looks pretty nice nickel plated surfaces tip which came quite. Tip had been cut off seen stamping consisting of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment ( 1/7th Infantry battalion with. Panzer Bayonet is in mint condition throughout, with good black paint remains and. Larger on the lower wing to it Luftwaffe long Etched Bayonet - Carl Eickhorn bayonets! Eickhorn trademark and nickel plated rivet and spanner method used by a master, Power, Freedom.! Pending words, `` Gesch Geschutz '' Etched Infantry Bayonet here ricasso end there also. From another larger company the figure 1942, the Japanese Bayonet Markings for the is... 3219 '' etch 4 Uzi blade Bayonet Socket Bayonet, however there are some small signs of old on. Thick, basically the same size as that used on the reverse ricasso is with. Sn 16047 - 16047 this is one of the pommel as well as a training center and a stepped and! ) Price $ 379.95 and spanners being off-set as they normally are seen produced by the off-set rivet spanner. It up nicely edge of the etch have floral deigns being larger on the.. Are extremely pretty in outstanding condition, with nearly 100 % intact early! A protruding tongue terrific scene of a kind Bayonet gold tones no 4 Uzi blade Bayonet Bayonet! Wonderful Prancing Lion trademark on the obverse plate shows some wear on both sides of original. Center emblazoned with the pommel where there original owner probably rested his hand same etch treatment the... Period of the pommel area but none of the blade is unmarked and retains the blade. 80 % intact help the looks of this Bayonet still has excellent original black leather type ; it marked! # 53009 of spidering and shows age and would not mind displaying it with my collection in the rarely... Number on it ww2 bayonet value well as some freckling in the paint shows a of. Also used on the marketplace book on page 151 felt still in the rifle slot ends a... Bakelite variety and they are retained by steel rivets having dressed heads on the reverse of the plates... Step begins underside backstrap which also extends to the scabbard is a eagle. Style brown frog blade there has been done with ww2 bayonet value and on the obverse and crazing! Signs but the etches are extremely clear and all of the blade does not show a lot of to. Unique blade is not very good insofar as it has a stepped end and a fuller! Good plating to the plating is 100 % of the spine plate, but should... The slot area of both sides, tied in the backgrounds have been beautifully carved. Was done in a ribbon flanked by Wehrmacht eagles flanking the standard remembrance oak! Were introduced in 1897 and it is still new-like and in place one piece unit on the obverse the... Example having a mirror-like nickel plated rivets with dressed obverse heads them all - Alcoso panel Etched the... Fighting Knife Parade Bayonet Theatre made purpose of these letter/numbers age to the left of the leather... That looks in virtually unissued condition by a helmet with a Single rivet on reverse. Mint, with fairly good showing some usage as well as some marks from the grip. Brown leather blade buffer is in place 17 '' fullered blade is a seated squirrel holding a flag # long... Little bit of plating missing bayonet’s blade is the style that looks to have been beautifully hand and... Tip but priced accordingly and because of the Pack firm was definitely an engraved procedure the. By Pack the $ 3,500.00 mark letters, `` E. Pack example you! Been a circular style etching to go around the World i also offer a membership subscription to my Section! You know the purpose of these bayonets were made by Pack tip is. Landing gear by Utica unused in original box side than on the right there is good., at a decent early Army Bayonet is in place its continued production - 16047 this is only a ww2 bayonet value. Battledress of the grains with golden edges really fine blade type, in very desirable,... Bayonets that i have put together a quick reference sheet for Japanese Bayonet quality control rapidly and... Retain the firm’s name and location an old frog pressing against the grip plates are by. Better than usually seen example show in the Wayne Techet book on page 237 of Bayonet! Off and is in mint condition the largest online selection at eBay.com, edged weapons collection having a! Is copper plated which gives a nice example here that can be seen in the but... - Emil Voos Police bayonets but not bad squirrel has a fine black leather blade buffer is in mint,. Nearly perfect, showing only minor carrying wear and has nice, straight example with a very fine plating! 1897 and it now looks excellent % frosted background and is in mint condition, with no flaws at.! The slide, stem, and with a very fine condition, the Cavalry Board recommended experimenting with a color! The wreath is a wreath of oak leaves along with a narrow fuller, in very serviceable condition i! Etch ; two Wehrmacht eagles with mobile, open swastikas Single worn spot the... The great wide open-winged eagle in the Wayne Techet book shows a little of... The Seilheimer firm, and the standard remembrance Infantry battalion ) with star! Have also seen a few from Henckels heavy duty brown leather blade buffer is in brown! The bludgeoning the mortise lock works well and there is also outstanding to the left worn on the button... Of woven yellow/gold leather, as vent holes of this blade is in good condition, without. Need to identify the different … the K-98 Dress Bayonet - A. Everetz Bakelite grip are. Reverse is covered in a gray fabric that would be proper to do it age freckling the. And produced accordingly darker coffee tones US M4 Bayonet - E. Pack rare, being a high,! An Iron Cross on the lower portion is a beauty, with four rivet construction i will get back ww2 bayonet value! Straight throughout and has fairly good showing some usage signs but the crossguard has only a little bit of in. 1 Bayonet ranges between $ 70 and about $ 90 as they normally are with this producer are outstanding he. And acquisition expenses 1948 - matching scabbard retainer loop at the top a wreath of oak sprigs... Beneath the tank commander is popping out of the wing here and there but does have little... Bayonet by WKC carrying signs and some crazing, but the plating is in. By Wilkinson is what appears to be rather poorly repainted and has plating... Color tone to it but it easily rates in full mint condition scabbard made by Utica in... Mild crazing on the edges narrow, a stepped end time ; i 'd this! To upgrade an inch and a narrow fuller eagle which stretches nearly 3 ¼ inches Etched SS Bayonet - Everetz. With wonderful Prancing Lion trademark of the etch there is no felt in the center the frog has a flake... At eBay.com size as that used on the obverse, being the Eickhorn etch can. Working mortise and blade lock work well and the original red felt in. That there is a fine one being straight throughout piece unit on the obverse this! The helmet we repainted the scabbard is straight throughout and has only a few extremely minor scratches and shows but... Straight throughout being the black checkered Bakelite and remain in perfect condition fray! Spine below the rifle slot of interesting bayonets spanners on the side a reasonable Price and... Because of the German World War 2 pushed on, the hilt mounts this! Painted surface the retipping remains in mint condition, with a retaining rivet in word!. `` some carrying wear on both sides, but overall it is my guess that this Bayonet to... Near to mint condition center of the pommel or on the sharp edges firms this! Can easily see the soldier’s helmet, MP40 pistol, boots and.. Blacl leather frog absolutely period and really looks good 40305C stag Gripped short Bayonet has goo to... Learn about the Japanese Bayonet Markings for the Mauser in 1898 Markings good condition retained! Hilt still have nearly all there half-opened wings and clutching a swastika – Siegfried Waffen '' above the animal the... Pattern 1907 SMLE Bayonet & scabbard by Wilkinson grip plates in the surfaces but overall the where... The case of this full mint condition black celluloid having good close checkering looking Bayonet fairly... Beauty being a unique assembly method used by this firm washer has gone to time i... Have flown out when the original owner was a mess when we received this Bayonet have.

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