(13), Essential Minerals and Electrolytes: Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, Raw milk is one of the highest sources of minerals and electrolytes, which many people don’t get enough of. This article lists 5 science-backed benefits of milk so you can decide if it's the right choice for you. If you’re accustomed to eating sweetened dairy products, such as fruit-flavored yogurt or chocolate milk, then the taste of unsweetened raw dairy might not be what you’re used to. Some of the main reasons that over 10 million Americans now drink raw milk on a regular basis include the following raw milk benefits: Healthier skin, hair and nails; Nutrient absorption; Stronger immune system; Reduced allergies; Increased bone density; Neurological support; Weight loss; Help building lean muscle mass; Better digestion While whey protein is more susceptible to heat damage, pasteurization appears to have minimal impact on its digestibility and nutritional composition (6, 8). About 80% of milk protein is casein, while the remaining 20% is whey. Read the original article. One study in 8,334 school-aged children living on farms linked raw milk consumption with a 41% lower risk of asthma, 26% lower risk of allergy and 41% lower risk of hay fever (23). As you can see, most accusations and concerns over raw milk have been overstated, and therefore its heath benefits remain underrated. Pasteurizing milk does not reduce casein levels, as this type of protein is heat stable (6, 8). Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms & Sources to Reverse It! © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. All rights reserved. However, you’ll be happy to know that most people absolutely love the flavor of raw dairy, and many claim that it tastes much, much better than the store-bought kinds. These bacteria can also cause serious conditions, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, hemolytic uremic syndrome, miscarriage, reactive arthritis, chronic inflammatory conditions and, rarely, death (40, 41, 42). Raw milk is a rich source of B vitamins, Calcium, alpha hydroxy acids and vital anti-oxidants so it is a perfect natural treatment for acne and oily skin. However, raw milk contains the lactase-producing bacteria Lactobacillus, which is destroyed during pasteurization. However, the number of outbreaks is increasing, especially in states that have legalized its sale (39, 43, 46). Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) How To Make Fermented Fruit. Another proponent of the benefits of raw milk is Chris Kresser, acupuncturist and integrative health practitioner. More than half of all disease outbreaks associated with raw milk have involved at least one child under the age of five (4). A survey conducted by the Weston A. The authors do not work for, consult, … Keeping milk refrigerated helps suppress bacterial growth, no matter if it’s raw or pasteurized (38). Here is a list of 15 foods that are rich in calcium, many of which are non-dairy. Online — There are certain online companies that sell raw dairy products directly to consumers, including Beyond Organic, Wise Choice Market and Real Milk. This, in turn, exfoliates your skin. Moreover, raw milk can also effectively soothe your skin and protect it against eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions. (40)(41)(42) That being said, raw milk has been associated with a reduced risk of childhood asthma, eczema and allergies (22, 23, 24, 25). Dairy products have gotten a bad rap over the years, but this is actually mostly due to the pasteurization process. Enzymes found in raw milk help with digestion but are often reduced or destroyed during pasteurization, which can contribute to lactose intolerance. Natural health proponents go further, calling raw milk a superfood that aids digestion and boosts immune health, among other reported health benefits. My digestion improved noticeably. The Conversation. 1. More recent data has shown that raw milk or cheese causes 840 times more illnesses and 45 times more hospitalizations than pasteurized dairy (46). The milk is unpasteurized and therefore retains more of its natural nutrients and benefits. Raw milk contains ‘the mother of all anti-oxidants’, glutathione which recycles the other antioxidants and is a major detoxifier and immune booster. Due to its neutral pH and high nutritional and water contents, milk is an ideal feeding ground for bacteria (16). Raw Milk Is a Versatile Ingredient. That is one of the benefits to drinking raw milk: the milk has to come from very healthy animals, and the milk has to be handled very carefully. Raw Milk Reality: Benefits of Raw Milk. The risk of this happening is very, very low. It supplies probiotics: Probiotics in raw milk can kill off or balance bad bacteria in your gut, which can dramatically affect the health of your skin. Lactose intolerance is common and can cause a wide range of symptoms. Any person is susceptible if the milk they consume contains harmful bacteria. However, the risk is higher for pregnant women, children, older adults and those with weakened immune systems. Raw and pasteurized milk contain similar amounts of lactose (14, 28). An extensive look into research and claims made by the FDA and CDC related to raw milk being dangerous have been found to be completely unwarranted. It primarily comes from cows but also goats, sheep, buffalos or even camels. Harmful bacteria that may be present in milk include Campylobacter, Salmonella, Escherichia coli (E.coli), Coxiella burnetti, Cryptosporidium, Yersinia enterocolitica, Staph aureus and Listeria monocytogenes (3, 4, 16). (8) H. pylori sometimes causes no symptoms but some people who carry it develop uncomfortable or even severe digestive symptoms such as vomiting or stomach ulcers. There are three main places you can look for raw dairy products: You will likely come to find that there are different kinds of raw milks or raw dairy products available from these retailers, including those from cows and also from sheep or goats. Prior to the introduction of pasteurization in the early- to mid-1900s, all milk was consumed raw in its natural, unprocessed state. 30 Gluten-Free Recipes However, in a blind study, 16 adults with self-reported lactose intolerance drank raw, pasteurized or soy milk for three 8-day periods in randomized order, separated by 1-week washout periods. Those infected by consuming raw milk were 13 times more likely to need hospitalization than those consuming pasteurized milk (39). People with lactose intolerance are unable to digest lactose, the main carbohydrate in milk. Enzymes responsible for digestion work symbiotically to help your body digest our raw cheddar cheese. In one study, 12 samples of cow’s milk were collected from a single dairy factory and divided into raw, pasteurized and UHT-treated. Vitamin B and C levels are decreased as well. Pasteurizing milk reduces lactoperoxidase activity by around 30%. Lactose is a milk sugar. While raw milk is more natural and may contain more antimicrobials, its many health claims aren’t evidence-based and don’t outweigh potential risks like severe infections caused by harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. To put things into perspective, according to certain medical studies, the following nutrients are destroyed or altered during pasteurization include: Raw dairy isn’t always easy to find, since laws differ from state to state regarding consumers’ rights to buy raw milk. We have a crisis in this country of unhealthy gut health. Raw milk advocates are upset that the government is denying their right to choose unpasteurized milk from healthy cows because of the problems associated with conventionally produced milk. Dr. Chris Kesser did a thorough investigation to get the true impact of raw milk illness and death, as the CDC makes it sound inevitable, and found that your chances of becoming hospitalized from a bacterial illness caused by raw milk is three times less than your chance of dying in a plane crash. This is a detailed article about milk. Raw milk benefits include improved immunity, healthier skin, reduced allergies, healthier growth and development, lower risk for nutrient deficiencies, and much more. These 9 high-risk foods are the most likely to cause food poisoning. The additional benefits of raw milk in the modern world are that it fights infection, improves bone density, detoxifies the body, improves hydration, boosts metabolism and stimulates cellular functioning. Filed Under: Drinks Tagged With: Ferments, raw milk, whole food. Raw milk comes from cows that graze on grass. Raw milk advocates argue that it’s a complete, natural food containing more amino acids, antimicrobials, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids than pasteurized milk. Levels of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K also minimally decrease during pasteurization (8). It can be used to make a variety of products, including cheese, yogurt and ice cream. This Dr. Axe content is medically reviewed or fact checked to ensure factually accurate information. (5). Research shows that inflammation and unbalanced gut flora contribute to skin issues such as acne and eczema. Raw Milk Vs. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of these minerals is lost during high-heat pasteurization. By far, the best-tasting curds and whey protein come from raw milk. However, government and health experts disagree and advise against consuming it. Using kefir as a face wash and also consuming it internally can kill off bad bacteria on both your skin and within your GI tract that are the main cause of dry, flaking skin and acne. Raw milk is truly one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world and has a nutritional profile unlike any other food, explaining the man raw milk benefits. (2). Raw milk has a high content of beneficial bacteria. This milk is, for example, consumed in some European countries (5). (3) A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology involved 8,000 children with various diets, and one of the conclusions that researchers made was that by drinking raw milk, children experienced “naturally immunizing” effects. Raw milk is in the form that our bodies can actually digest, utilize and receive so many health benefits from. Beneficial bacteria are also known as probiotics and they help the human body in various different ways- from building up enzymes for digestion to keeping our immune system powerful. Probiotics are microorganisms that line your gut and support nutrient absorption. Most food allergies are caused by just 8 foods. Raw milk has higher levels of water-soluble vitamins B6, B12 and C. It has vitamin E, vitamin D for calcium and protein absorption, and vitamin K2. It actually benefits your body in many ways, and although it might have earned a reputation among some for being dangerous, you shouldn’t miss out on all this amazing superfood has to offer because raw milk benefits are truly impressive. The risk is highest among infants and young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems due to other medical problems. Claims that raw milk is more nutritious than pasteurized milk and a better choice for those with lactose intolerance, asthma, autoimmune and allergic conditions have shown to have little or no truth to them. Milk is a nutritious food that provides protein, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. An estimated 65,000 people died over a 25-year period from contaminated dairy (6). Common Claims About The Benefits of Raw Milk Raw milk advocates argue that it’s a complete, natural food containing more amino acids, antimicrobials, vitamins, … Probiotics are only found in small amounts in raw milk, but when you ferment raw milk to make foods like kefir, yogurt or cheese, the good bacteria dramatically increase. Raw milk benefits the skin for the following reasons: According to the USDA, nearly 300 calories a day in the average American’s diet (out of a total 2,076 calories) can be attributed to added sugars or sweeteners. They also claim that it’s a better choice for those with lactose intolerance, asthma, autoimmune and allergic conditions. Local farmers market — I go to my local farmers market and buy raw goat’s milk kefir, raw cheeses and plain raw milk. Comparison between the three groups showed no significant differences in major nutrients or fatty acids (14). Some people don’t make enough lactase, leaving undigested lactose to ferment in the bowel. In addition to that, raw milk is an incredible source of enzymes. Price Foundation found that of 700 families interviewed, amazingly about 80 percent of those diagnosed with lactose intolerance stopped having symptoms when they switched to raw milk. 11 Best Sugar Substitutes (the Healthiest Natural Sweeteners), Detox Your Liver: Try My 6-Step Liver Cleanse, Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses (30! Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese is an … The pasteurization process als… It’s prohibited in 20 American states, while other states restrict its sales. Of the milk-only outbreaks, 82% were from raw milk, compared to 18% from pasteurized (39, 43). I understand if you’ve been cautious in the past about drinking raw milk because of all the negative media it might have earned, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind once you learn why more and more people are drinking raw milk every day. Increased exposure to microbes within farming environments has also been associated with a reduced risk of asthma and allergies, which may account for some of these results (11, 23, 26, 27). They also help protect you from foreign invaders like E. coli and parasites. Allergies and lactose intolerance are higher with pasteurization as well. Whole Foods has a large selection of raw cheeses, including raw sheep cheese, which is my absolute favorite. Another study in 1,700 healthy people found that drinking raw milk in the first year of life was associated with a 54% reduction in allergies and 49% reduction in asthma, regardless of whether participants lived on a farm or not (24). Milk essentially comes from a sterile environment within the animal. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The many health benefits of raw milk. The whey proteins and good bacteria in fermented milk might help combat H. pylori infection. It is a natural moisturizer that nourishes your skin from deep inside. If you’ve been told that drinking raw milk is dangerous, you’ll be surprised to know that you’ve been mislead. Real, raw and organic probiotic yogurt, cheeses and kefir have been consumed by some of the healthiest populations living around the world for thousands of years (such as those who call the famous Blue Zones home). Raw goat’s milk can be a great alternative to cow milk, since for many people it’s even easier to digest. We then bottle it without pasteurization. (14). WHAT ARE RAW MILK BENEFITS? There are many raw milk benefits over pasteurized and homogenized milk. Raw milk benefits are numerous and can help address a large number of nutritional deficiencies that millions of people, especially those eating the standard American diet, are currently experiencing. A sampling of the health benefits of calcium, an important element abundant in raw milk includes: reduction in cancers, particularly of the colon: (39) higher bone mineral density in people of every age, lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures in older adults; lowered risk of kidney stones; formation of strong teeth and reduction of dental cavities, to name a few. Nutrients like probiotics, vitamin D and immunoglobulins (antibodies) found in raw milk naturally boost the immune system and reduce the risk of allergies in both children and adults. By drinking raw milk, you automatically have a higher quality product than the milk from commercial dairy farms. In fact, according to medical researcher Dr. Ted Beals, M.D., you are 35,000 times more likely to get sick from other foods than you are from raw milk. From the moment the animal is milked, the potential for contamination begins with the udder, skin, feces, milking equipment, handling and storage (6, 34). The information in our articles is NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Their activity is reduced when milk is refrigerated, regardless of whether it’s raw or pasteurized. The majority — but not necessarily all — bacteria are destroyed during pasteurization. Raw milk is used to making yogurt, which is famous for its probiotic properties. However, most of these claims are not backed up by science. Milk is high in calcium and phosphorus, which are both needed for healthy bones, cell function, muscle health and metabolism (12, 13). As we’ve seen, the benefits of raw milk are numerous, but surprisingly one of the most common reasons that people consume it is to benefit their skin. These retailers will have raw cheeses shipped right to your front door. Because it exposes milk to very high temperatures, it can also kill harmful bacteria that are possibly able to make their way into the milk. In addition, it cannot be sold across American state lines (47). Raw milk comes from cows, goats, sheep or other animals that have usually been grass-fed and raised in humane conditions. Benefits found in early human and animal studies In early studies involving humans, raw milk was shown to be superior to pasteurised milk in protecting against infection, diarrhea, rickets, tooth decay and tuberculosis; children receiving it grew better than those receiving pasteurised milk. Instead of buying sweetened dairy, try sweetening your own raw dairy when needed with small amounts of natural sweeteners, such as raw honey, coconut sugar, dates and organic stevia leaf. You might be wondering: How can raw milk reduce allergies, and isn’t dairy tied to high rates of intolerance or sensitivities? Nutrients like probiotics, vitamin D and immunoglobulins (antibodies) found in raw milk naturally boost the immune system and reduce the risk of allergies in both children and adults. According to the CDC, past cases of foodborne illnesses associated with raw milk consumption have been due to bacteria (such as Brucella, Listeria, Mycobacterium bovis), salmonella, shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (E. coli), and certain parasites or viruses. (1), The CDC reports that there are an estimated 48 million foodborne illnesses diagnosed each year. However, we are here to tell you how raw milk makes an amazing beauty supplement.. This is a detailed article about whey protein and its health benefits. Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) Raw milk also contains probiotics, bacteria that are considered to be great for brain activity and digestive system. Immediately after milking, the raw milk goes through a filter and cools to below 40 degrees in a bulk refrigerated tank. To benefit from raw milk’s skin-soothing nutrients, you can easily make your own raw milk face cream. It can help you lose weight and gain muscle, while improving your overall…. Raw milk is milk from cows, goats or sheep that has not been pasteurized. Pasteurization heats milk to kill bacteria and increases shelf life. Further reductions in nutritional value takes place when milk sits on supermarket shelves sometimes for weeks where it’s kept until sold. (16) Some have found that following pasteurization, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is oxidized into dehydroascorbic acid, which is an inactive, degraded form of vitamin C that does not have the same benefits as natural vitamin C. Other studies have found that pasteurization in other food products reduces overall antioxidant activities by about 55 percent to 60 percent and reduces vitamin B2 concentrations by up 48 percent. ), Chia Seeds Benefits: The Omega-3, Protein-Packed Superfood, 9 Proven Black Seed Oil Benefits that Boost Your Health, Top 15 Potassium-Rich Foods to Start Eating Today, Bay Leaf Benefits for Digestion, Wounds and Diabetics, Cherimoya Fruit for Digestion, Eye Health & More, Homemade Detox Drinks: 5 Major Health Benefits, Including Weight Loss. This article is based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by our trained editorial staff. Proponents of drinking raw milk say it confers a number of health benefits that are destroyed by pasteurization. It’s digested by the enzyme lactase, which is produced in your small intestines. Strong Bones . Let’s take a look at its unique nutritional profile, and it will become clear. In fact, there are no other foods in the world as naturally high in probiotics as cultured dairy products. The Milky, Cheesy Truth, Lactose Intolerance 101 — Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, 5 Signs and Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance, Top 15 Calcium-Rich Foods (Many Are Non-Dairy), 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Whey Protein, Top 9 Foods Most Likely to Cause Food Poisoning. Ultra-heat treatment (UHT) heats milk to 280°F (138°C) for at least 2 seconds. Symptoms of infection are comparable to those of other foodborne illnesses and include vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea and fever (39). Raw milk advocates argue that it has superior health and nutritional benefits and that pasteurization eliminates these advantages. We’ll get into this a … That is why we see commercial shampoo with milk content. With strict editorial sourcing guidelines, we only link to academic research institutions, reputable media sites and, when research is available, medically peer-reviewed studies. In the state I live it’s labeled “for pet consumption only,” and while I do give raw milk to my dog, my whole family enjoys the benefits of raw milk from the farmers market. Here are 7 reasons to add yogurt to your diet today. Raw milk is packed with key nutrients that are beneficial to the body, including probiotics, raw fats, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, carotenoids, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and iron, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin K, and a number of digestive enzymes.. Benefits of Raw Milk. (15). In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of raw milk for skin.Raw milk provides many essential health benefits.Making it part of your regular diet will make your bones stronger and also play an important role in the physical and mental growth. Goat milk has been linked with special benefits for digestive and metabolic utilization of minerals, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Buy raw dairy products from a reputable distributor, read customer reviews, ask your local farmers market for recommendations, store products in the refrigerator and consume within a short period of time for the safest and best results. The lactic acid in the milk is known to breakdown your dead cells and dissolves proteins that are inactive. Currently, many countries ban raw milk for human consumption, including Australia, Canada and Scotland. Another major negative of pasteurization is that it destroys the digestive enzymes needed to break down and absorb certain nutrients. Raw milk, also known as farm milk, is legally sold in about half of the United States. Here are 5 signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance. (11), Additionally, raw, grass-fed milk is packed with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which according to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer has been tied to cancer prevention, healthier cholesterol levels and can even help reduce body fat. The Many Benefits of Raw Milk. (1,2) Cows are natural herbivores and are healthiest when they eat grass, rather than the grain they are fed in confinement dairy operations. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention … Moreover, it’s a versatile ingredient that can be easily added to your diet. What is “raw milk” exactly? Many people are intolerant to dairy. & detox juicing guide. These include: Contains essential nutrients – Raw milk boasts a higher nutritional content than pasteurized milk – and for good reason. These may help muscle growth, improve insulin resistance and lower heart disease risk (16, 17, 18, 19). each year are due to consumption of fresh, unprocessed (raw) milk. Whey is high in the following enzymes and proteins (amino acids) and the best way to get these immunity boosters is in their natural forms: alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, bovine serum albumin and immunoglobulin. We machine milk our cows. Dr. Axe Raw Milk Benefits. Raw milk is rich in natural vitamins. Real milk has been consumed safely for many centuries, can be found online or at farmers markets, and can also be obtained from raw cheeses, yogurt or kefir in order to get raw milk benefits in your diet. Advantages of Drinking Milk: Mix in milk, raw eggs contain vitamin D, zinc and protein intake is increased. Milk has been long hauled as a beauty agent and there are many raw milk benefits for skin. This means raw milk contains all of its natural enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals — making it what many refer to as a “complete food.”, But can’t raw milk cause problems due to the risk of consuming bacteria? Simply mix the ingredients below, then put the mixture onto freshly washed skin and leave for two to five minutes before rinsing off. 11 Incredible Health Benefits of Milk. Processed Milk. are clickable links to medically peer-reviewed studies. Raw milk can carry dangerous germs, such as brucella, c ampylobacter, c ryptosporidium, E. coli, l isteria, and s almonella. Protein Shake Recipes for Building Strength and Muscle, 10 Ashwagandha Benefits for the Brain, Thyroid and Muscles. Key nutrients and enzymes are greatly reduced during the pasteurization process. Take the time to learn how healthy raw milk can be for you and you'll never buy the pasteurized and homogenized stuff again! Pasteurizing milk does not result in a significant loss of vitamins, carbs, minerals or fats (7, 8, 9, 10). With the growing popularity of natural, local, farm-sourced foods and the perception that raw milk is healthier, its consumption is increasing (1). Benefits of Raw Milk Instead of trying the … When milk is pasteurized, it destroys many of the nutrients that make raw milk beneficial. Milk is also a good source of lysine, an essential amino acid that your body cannot make on its own.