FortiMail Cloud delivers comprehensive email security to protect your employees and data from cyberattacks. The mail recipient can click the “Help” link from the secure mail notification to view the file. First we edit an LDAP profile which has already been verified to bind correctly with the LDAP server. "Help" content URL. FortiGuard. Make sure this value matches the Login URL from Azure (steps 3,5). If you want to encrypt email using message delivery rules: You can configure, enable, or disable IBE services which control how secured mail recipients use the FortiMail IBE function. More Fortinet FortiMail Cloud Pricing and Cost Advice » You can create a file about the FortiMail IBE encryption and enter the URL for the file. What happens is that when an email reaches the FortiMail unit, the FortiMail unit applies its IP-based policies and recipient-based policies containing IBE-related content profiles as well as the message delivery rules to the email. Full list of menu and tab features. Email is a common way for cyber criminals to attack and FortiMail does a good job at minimizing the threat. She can add “Confidential” in the email subject line, or “Confidential” in the header (in MS Outlook, when compiling a new mail, go to Options > Message settings > Sensitivity, and select Confidential in the list). For details, see Customizing email templates. Themes Buttons, menus, and GUI items. Do you have strong knowledge and experience in network and application security? Please Log In. The FortiMail-200D from Fortinet features many email security features bundled into an easy-to-manage appliance. Other than reliable email security, it also offers compliance management, threat protection, and other capabilities. Encrypted email storage expiry time (days). Notice of Fortinet Partner Support Login Change. Enter an exempt pattern. You can create a help file on how to access the FortiMail secure email and enter the URL for the file. Fortinet Video Library. Detailed log information and reports provide analysis of network activity to help you identify security issues and reduce network misuse and abuse. Log In. They will be used when you log in to FortiMail. The pattern can use wildcards (default) or regular expressions. When the recipient opens the mail on the FortiMail unit, the email is decrypted automatically. FortiMail offers the ClickProtect feature to revalidate a URL at the time the user actually tries to visit the URL or website, as the site may have gone from uncategorized initially to now a known phishing URL … ERROR: Unable to log into FortiGate GUI because SAML SSO is the default login, and it is not functional. Training & Certification. Position FortiMail in an existing or new email infrastructure using any of the flexible deployment modes Understand the system architecture of FortiMail: how email flows through its modules; how it applies intelligent routing and policies to email; and how it can protect the priceless reputation of your message transfer agent (MTA) The secured mail recipient must reset the password within this time limit to access the FortiMail unit. The software was designed and launched by FortiNet Inc headquartered in California, United States. “Custom forgot password” URL: This is the URL where users get authenticated. See, Configure message delivery rules using encryption profiles to determine email that need to be encrypted with IBE. For more information about URI types and how they are processed, see URI types. If the IBE message is not stored on FortiMail (PUSH access method), the “read” notification will be sent every time the message is read, that is, after the user pushes the message to FortiMail and FortiMail decrypts the message. Discussion Forums. EventTracker monitor the spam, and virus happening on mail servers and also trigger the alert whenever any virus and spam detected. ""The licensing is for three years. URL: You can create a help file on how to access the FortiMail secure email and enter the URL for the file. Enter the number of days the secure mail recipient can access the FortiMail unit without registration. The web UI can be accessed by URL using the network interfaces’ IP addresses or, if the FortiMail unit is operating in transparent mode, the management IP address. For encrypted email, the domain of the composed mail’s recipient must be a protected one, otherwise an error message will appear and the mail will not be delivered. it is helpful in protecting against URL or links that are embedded in the mails by ..... Read Full Review. FortiMail protects organization from email threats, malware and phishing attacks that can lead to loss of client sensitive data and check on compliance violations. The FortiMail unit encrypts an email message using the public key generated with the recipient’s email address. Knowledge Base. Remember me. IBE base URL. Depending on the IBE email access method (either PUSH or PULL) you defined in Configuring encryption profiles, the notification settings behave differently. If the IBE message is stored on FortiMail (PULL access method), the “read” notification will only be sent the first time the message is read. You can choose to send notification to the sender or recipient when the secure email is read or remains unread for a specified period of time. Common editing features. FortiMail Cloud Email Security is an independently validated and top-rated Secure Email Gateway solution delivering >99.5% spam detection rate, multiple layers of malware detection and an extremely low false positive rate. Settings. Therefore, users cannot view the encrypted email messages on these iOS devices. Please Login. Error. Log In . Or use SSO login For more information on connecting to your FortiMail unit locally or through your network, see, For information on enabling remote access and configuring IP addresses using the advanced mode of the web UI, see, For high availability (HA) groups of FortiMail units, you should generally connect to the primary unit. Enter the FortiMail unit URL, for example,, on which a mail recipient can register or authenticate to access the secure mail. 4. See, Add the content action profile to the content profile and configure the scan criteria in the content profile, such as attachment filtering, file type filtering, and content monitor and filtering including the dictionary and action profiles. Green dot column. Select to allow the secure mail recipient to reply the email with encryption. It provides the industry’s most independently validated security effectiveness. If this is the first time the recipient receives such a notification, the recipient must follow the instructions and links to register on the FortiMail unit before reading email. Sample secure message notification shows a sample notification. Compared with traditional public-key cryptography, IBE greatly simplifies the encryption process for both users and administrators. Select to allow the secure mail recipient to forward the email with encryption. FortiMail Virtual Email Security delivers proven, powerful messaging security for any size organization or service provider. Advisories & Reports. URL for access. Please Login. With IBE, you can send secured email through the FortiMail unit. Can the URL that is generated by the FortiMail unit within a spam report be modified? If this is not the first time the recipient receives such a notification and the recipient has already registered on the FortiMail unit, the recipient only needs to log in to the FortiMail unit to read email. Latest Web Filter Databases 24.03549. Remember me. Enter the FortiMail unit URL, for example,, on which a mail recipient can register or authenticate to access the secure mail. Click Create. IBE base URL: Enter the FortiMail unit URL, for example,, on which a mail recipient can register or authenticate to access the secure mail. FortiMail quarantine URL points to the wrong address Today I was testing out the quarantine feature on the FortiMail and noticed something strange with the release link. Select to allow the secure mail recipient to compose an email. Log In. This is for the recipients who have forgotten their login passwords and request for new ones. Viewing sender, authentication and endpoint reputation, Configuring administrator accounts and access profiles, Configuring system time, options, and other system options, Customizing GUI, replacement messages, email templates, and SSO, Managing the address book (server mode only), Sharing calendars and address books (server mode only), Migrating email from other mail servers (server mode only), Controlling email based on sender and recipient addresses, Configuring antispam profiles and antispam action profiles, Configuring antivirus profiles and antivirus action profiles, Configuring content profiles and content action profiles, Workflow to enable and configure authentication of email users, Configuring email quarantines and quarantine reports, Configuring the block lists and safe lists, Configuring bounce verification and tagging, Training and maintaining the Bayesian databases, Configuring report profiles and generating reports, Troubleshoot GUI and CLI connection issues, Troubleshoot FortiGuard connection issues, Contact Fortinet customer support for assistance, Accessing the personal quarantine and webmail, Sending email from an email client (gateway and transparent mode), Special characters with regular expressions and wild cards, Configuring PKI authentication on FortiMail, Configure and enable the IBE service. The starting date is the date when the FortiMail unit sends out the first notification to a mail recipient. For details about how to use IBE service, see FortiMail IBE configuration workflow. The Log and Report menu lets you configure logging, reports, and alert email.. FortiMail units provide extensive logging capabilities for virus incidents, spam incidents and system events. See, configured a dictionary profile that contains a pattern called “Confidential”, and enabled, added the dictionary profile to a content profile which also includes a content action profile that has an encryption profile in it, included the content profile to IP and recipient policies, Configure log settings for IBE encryption. Log In . Secured by FortiGuard, FortiMail delivers the latest technologies and intelligence, including integrated Sandboxing, to stop even the most sophisticated email-borne threats. If a policy or rule match is found, the FortiMail unit encrypts the email using the public key before sending a notification to the recipient. Due to more confining security restrictions imposed by the iOS system, email attachments included in IBE PUSH (for details about IBE PUSH and PULL methods, see “Configuring encryption profiles” on page 486) notification messages can no longer be opened properly on iOS devices running version 10 and up. "A license for our company using FortiMail and FortiCare (filtering and support) was $4000. If one of them matches the patterns defined in the dictionary profile, the email will be encrypted. Fortinet Document Library. Resources. If the URL is uncategorized, you may submit the URL along with a contact email address to be notified of any revision updates. Are you sponsored by a Fortinet ATC? Fortinet FortiMail is ranked 2nd in Email Security with 15 reviews while SonicWall Email Security is ranked 11th in Email Security with 4 reviews. In the beginning, we did not pay monthly, it was paid once for three years. For example, Alice wants to send an encrypted email to Bob through the FortiMail unit. The top reviewer of Fortinet FortiMail writes "User-friendly, multi-platform, easy to setup and troubleshoot". Logs, reports and alerts. The domain name that the link forwarded me to was doubling the hostname of the FortiMail. Remember me. If your corporation has its own user authentication tools, enable this option and enter the URL. IBE uses identities (such as email addresses) to calculate encryption keys that can be used for encrypting and decrypting electronic messages. The Fortinet Certified Trainer (FCT) Assessment is a half-day examination led by FCT proctors and the ATC Team.. To apply, you must meet the following requirements. No, this feature is not available. Authentication bypass in FortiMail and FortiVoiceEnterprise Summary An improper authentication vulnerability in FortiMail and FortiVoiceEnterprise may allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to access the system as a legitimate user by requesting a password change via the user interface. If you leave this field empty, a default help file link will be added to the secure mail notification. ""You only have to purchase one license for multiple participants." Why aren't large attachments allowed through the FortiMail … User Review of FortiMail: 'We use FortiMail throughout our global enterprise. 5.0. FortiMail is a secure email gateway platform for businesses of all sizes. Follow the general steps below to use the FortiMail IBE function: If you want to encrypt email based on the email contents: For example, on the FortiMail unit, you have: You then notify your email users on how to mark the email subject line and header if they want to send encrypted email. For more information, see, “Connecting to the Web UI or CLI” on page 38, “Configuring the network interfaces” on page 108, “About the management IP” on page 106, “Configuring administrator accounts and access profiles” on page 144, “Administering an HA group” on page 198. Here’s an example of creating an LDAP profile so the Fortimail can apply different recipient policies to each group. Contact Support. Warning. Please enter a URL or an IP address to see its category and history. Or use SSO login The link is hard coded to the FortiMail unit. If these IP addresses are not public IP addresses, you may need to access the FortiMail unit through its public IP address instead. FortiMail™ FortiMail 60D, 200E, 200F, 400E, 400F, 900F, 1000D, 2000E, 3000E, 3200E and VM FortiMail is a top-rated secure email gateway that stops volume-based and targeted cyber threats to help secure the dynamic enterprise attack surface, prevents the loss of sensitive data and helps maintain compliance with regulations. Split the PKCS12 certificate into cert and key. The FortiMail unit will apply the policies you configured to the email by checking the email’s subject line and header. Users should download and open the attachments on their PCs as a workaround. Fortinet FortiMail is rated 8.6, while SonicWall Email Security is rated 7.4. For example, if you set the value to 30 days and if the mail recipient did not access the FortiMail unit for 30 days after the user registers on the unit, the recipient will need to register again if another secure mail is sent to the user. For information on enabling remote access and configuring IP addresses using the advanced mode of the web UI, see “Configuring the network interfaces” on page 108 and “About the management IP” on page 106.You may also need to configure from which hosts the FortiMail unit will accept login attempts for your administrator account (that is, trusted hosts). Enter the name for the IBE service. There is no “unread” notification for IBE PUSH messages. Warning. Available to customers and partners alike, signing up for FortiCloud is free, providing a cloud-based solution to easily manage Fortinet’s suite of cloud services using a single login to navigate across solutions from a single location, including FortiCare services, accessible anywhere. FortiCloud. Click the Edit link to modify the email template. The email recipient does not need to install any software or generate a pair of keys in order to access the email. Common display features. The mail recipient can click the “About” link from the secure mail notification to view the file. To configure the URL exempt list. If the recipient accessed the FortiMail unit on the 15th days, the 30-day limit will be recalculated from the 15th day onwards. If you leave this field empty, a link for a default file about the FortiMail IBE encryption will be added to the secure mail notification. Or use SSO login You can create a help file on how to access the FortiMail secure email and enter the URL for the file. Enter the number of days that the secured mail will be saved on the FortiMail unit. See, Add the content profile to the IP-based and recipient-based policies to determine email that needs to be encrypted with IBE. Enter the number of days that the secure mail recipient has to register on the FortiMail unit to view the mail before the registration expires. Quick Start Wizard. The notification email contains an HTML attachment, which contains instructions and links telling the recipient how to access the encrypted email. This section contains the following topics: IBE is a type of public-key encryption. See, Add the IBE encryption profile to the content action profile. “Custom user control” URL: This is the URL where you can check for user existence. “Help” content. The FortiMail unit will use policies and mail delivery rules to determine if this mail needs to be encrypted. Error. See. Enter the password reset expiry time in hours. Another advantage is that a message recipient does not need any certificate or key pre-enrollment or specialized software to access the email. Go to Security > URL Exempt List > Exempt. Log In Log Out. Basic mode versus advanced mode. Click New. This is the name the secure mail recipients will see once they access the FortiMail unit to view the mail. openssl pkcs12 -in test.p12 -out test.pem -nokeys openssl pkcs12 -in test.p12 -out test.key nocerts -nodes Password-based authentication To establish a valid authentication session, you must make a POST request to the FortiMail login handler with Be sure that you have a DNS resolvable name to reach the FortiMail unit in within your LAN. The Encryption > IBE submenu lets you configure the Identity Based Encryption (IBE) service. Select to enable the IBE service you configured.